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A community solar program from CPS Energy.

Big Sun Community Solar is a way for you to enjoy the benefits of solar without having to install solar panels on your roof. The program is currently sold out but you can join our waitlist.
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How It Works

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We build, manage and insure your solar system.
Your Big Sun Solar system is installed offsite in sunny locations across San Antonio. Feel free to visit them on the weekends.


You own the solar system, claim the tax credit and save.
Electricity generated from your system goes directly into the CPS Energy power grid.


Solar credits automatically lower your monthly CPS Energy bill.
You enjoy a lower CPS Energy bill for the next 25 years.

Our Happy Customers

Ponce Big Sun customer

Big Sun Community Solar had the right solution: ownership of panels with various options for future transfer to another residence, selling outright, or gift them to whomever.


Hector & Marilyn Ponce
Vassar Big Sun customer

Big Sun is the best of all worlds! We own an asset but don't have to install anything. We get a credit on our bill every month. And we're doing our part to make the future of energy a reality now. Win. Win. Win.


Jill Vassar
Cywinski Big Sun customer

I was hoping to power my house with solar panels but have been blessed with the shade of enough trees to make direct solar power impossible. Community Solar offered a perfect solution.


Rachel Cywinski

Benefits of Big Sun

Easy way to save money

When you choose Big Sun community solar, we take care of all insurance and maintenance costs for you. Our system will automatically send credits to your CPS Energy bill.

No need to have a roof

If you don’t want to put solar panels on your roof or you aren’t a homeowner, you can still earn the benefits of solar. Your solar panels go on carports in sunny locations across San Antonio.

Credits move with you

You own the solar system. If you move, we will apply the solar credit to your new CPS Energy account. Best of all, you don’t have to reinstall anything -- the system stays where they are.

No need to go to a bank

If your family is below certain income brackets, you could qualify for our solar assistance program where 60% of your solar is paid for and the remainder can be financed through Big Sun Solar. Click here to see if you qualify.

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Questions? Call us at 210-585-4255
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